-- Written by: Marlowe B West of Steel Notes Magazine

Ladies and Gentlemen and Children of All Ages … My name is Marlowe B West and I am your Ring Leader … My Steel Notes Magazine platform is frequently entitled Marlowe B West Takez Manhattan, where I bring my beautiful readers and fans with me as I focus in on some of the most interesting people, places and things I may discover on my constant treasure hunt here in Manhattan, New York … and today's colourful and exciting story is about the world famous annual New York Fashion Week … However … Considering the majority of our designers are from outside of our fair city, I have climbed up upon another plateau which I refer to as The Whirling Worldz of Marlowe B West.

A few weeks back I received an invitation from my beautiful New York City entrepreneur friend and nightclub owner, Nick Lion ... He was throwing an enormous extravagant birthday bash for the ecstatic supermodel bombshell Wendy Stuart at Club Belgium ... Believe me ... it was shimmering and packed to the Maxx, like Studio 54, with so many different kinds of celebrities and incredibly beautiful people ... The paparazzi went bonkers ... Flashbulbs in overkill ... and there, in the midst, was this strikingly mysterious character, named Phil Harris, who could not help but stand out in the crowd, whom I politely yanked in front of the camera's with me and Nick ... Turns out he was a designer who had this New York Fashion Week show coming up with CLIQ International ... He was so kind and introduced me to one of the big shots, a beautifully friendly guy named Carmelo, who, although he had his handsful in every which way, was immediately attentative and welcomed me aboard with open arms, and that's how I got in there ... Talent, my dear ... sheer talent and plenty of something I find to be exceedingly rare these days ... Politeness ... It's so divine being treated with loving respect by all these elegant, refined, important professionals and the place was gorgeous, like a palace, running over with Beautiful Models ... Backstage ... The dressing rooms ... Mirrors full of makeup, hair dressers, wardrobe and clumps of cameramen.

While speaking with another fine gentleman, Mr. Rodney Delapaz, I came to find that CLIQ International is a talent directory and platform with a mission to promote and elevate artists around the world and provide opportunities to be discovered. The founders, Carmelo Soberano and, himself, Rod Delapaz, have a personal mission to help raise Mental Health awareness, which they debuted through their fashion show called, “CLIQ Fashion Show 2020 - Fashion with a Mission”, during the prestigious NY Fashion Week in February 2020.

From the left: Phil Harris (USA) Carolina Delapace (Brazil) Jai Isadora(USA) Liz Enriquez (Philippines) Heizie (China) 

The CLIQ Fashion Show 2020 featured 6 world-class international designers: Royal Designer Heizi and JOJO Kids from China, Liz Enriquez from the Philippines, Carolina Dela Pace from Brazil, Jai Isadora Calo - NY Chula and Phil Harris from the NY Metropolitan Area. Each designer contributed a beautiful display of fashion, passion, and compassionate love.

YUT- @yutviolinist -IG
ICONic Boyz (@officialiconicboyz - IG)


William Liu - @ will.liu99 -IG
Cynthia Liu - cynthia.liu.1232 -IG

Also, there were high-calibre performances by the electrifying Yut the Violinist, world renowned Hip-Hop Dancer/Choreographer Geo Hubela (one of the most sought out Hip Hop Dancers and Choreographers, who danced with Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Britney Spears, Pink, Jennifer Lopez, and choreographed for BillyJoeCrawford) and his Dance Group, and US CLIQ International Ambassador  Dancer William Liu. The fashion show was directed by the lovely Fashion Runway Director Cynthia Liu, who owns and operates MaYong Performing Arts Group, helping to develop the next generation of young leaders. Notable mention of the celebrity guests: Sergio Delavicci, Rico King, and Jerzey. CLIQ International is looking forward to the next NYFW in September, covering Red Carpet Events, hosting a major dance competition, and producing an international movie scheduled for release in Q3 2020. Stay tuned!