By Carmelo Soberano 

Director: ISLE DU DIABLE "The Island Of The Devil".

At a remote resort that caters to the extreme often brutal sexual fantasies of wealthy clients; life is cheap ‘sex is expensive and anything is possible for the right price. The patrons of this resort are about to encounter something far more brutal than anything they could possibly imagine.

Young women; and possibly young men are being held in a brothel/resort against their will. They are subjected to sexual exploitation, torture and sexual perversions often resulting in death. A new set of women are brought to the brothel .Hidden among the new women is deadly humanoid in the form of a beautiful albino that has been sent to assassinate the proprietor of the resort. She is no hero; just a brutally efficient killer.

ISLE DU DIABLE - "The Island of the Devil". Brutal, Unflinching, Disturbing.

It's  been a general statement in our world: Talent is nothing, experience is everything. But,I always look for talent that can heat up and change as per the need. Every artist was first an amateur. But talent-if you dont encourage it, it may die. When I was planning to make this project, I'ts obvious I was suggested by many to cast experienced actors. I had two options - (1)Step back and make a safe choice or, (2) Step forward and make a choice to encourage raw talents. I chose the later. I chose these three raw acting talents-Nichole, Querubin & Happy. Yes,they are talented. But as a director, I believe everyone is talented because everyone who is human has something to express. The most important reason is : I like to promote those and be around those who help my being, not the ones whose breath comes cold out of their mouths. And my decision is right.Yes, they have done a fantastic job. They are passionate about acting. Nichole is a woman of few words, perfect for assasin role; Happy is a man of more words, a quality needed to persuade his followers, perfect for crime leader role; Querubin is a rising model, perfect for her role as a modelling enthusiast.  I am very proud of them and they are truly CliQ certified talents.

I remember a beautiful quote:

"The beauty of bowing the head is also amazing ... placed the head on the earth and the wishes attains the sky". 

At CLIQ International, you are rightly: A step away from your big break.


Here are the interviews with our actors by Arabella Liu


Nichole as Oyuki. She is the " killing machine ". A beautiful albino teenage secret agent specially trained in extreme martial arts and armory since when she was a kid. She is assigned by her secret agency to assasinate Garfield Manzano.

We know that you have been a thespian please tell us about your journey before Isle Du Diable?

Before Isle Du Diable, I am a theater actress here in the Philippines for 6 years. Before the theater industry I was quiet and shy. My friend encouraged me to join their club which, is the theater guild. At first, it was hard for me because I did not have any experience in acting. As time went by, I started to love this industry and I have learned so many things about acting.

What was the most challenging thing about playing a super human anti heroine?

The most challenging thing about playing a super human was wearing a holster and a boots the whole day, fighting, running and jumping. So, it’s, the physicality of it that is really challenging, but I loved it , It makes me happy after I got it right; but I really love Oyuki. I love her story. She has a strong personality.

How did you get Isle Du Diable?

Director Carmelo Soberano asked me if I wanted to take the role of Oyuki.

What are your three immediate goals?

My 3 immediate goals are to have more theatrical and movie projects, to learn how to do a cinematic video and to learn how to drift a car.

Which fairytale character do you associate yourself with?Why?

Rapunzel from tangled. instead of letting that scare her out of trying new things, she was eager to go to new places and meet new people. She never let her inexperienced life spent in a tower stop her from anything.




QUERUBIN GONZALEZ as Abby - is the "perfect beauty" an innocent soul who is driven by her passion for modelling and becoming a supermodel. She is lured to Isle Du Diable on the promise of giving her the desired platform.

You are a rising name in the modelling scene of the Philippines and now into movies. What excites you more, modeling or acting?

Actually, when I was a little girl I always wanted to be a model same as a commercial model that includes acting so it's really hard for me to choose which is which but since I've been modelling for a quite time now I'm excited to learn new things about acting.

You have created a significant space and following around at a very young age. How did it all happen? This journey, was it easy?

The road of my journey was really hard from the very beginning, since I'm from the province of Marinduque, and we needed to go to Manila for my dreams. It's new for me cause we needed to be able to get along with different people. My mom and I need to go into a casting VTR or screening that includes rejection that I need to conquer, in order for me to be strong in this industry, but it excites me the most because I met different designers, directors and artist in this field that can give me their knowledge as well.

Your experience on doing Isle Du Diable?

I'm so happy because they chose me as one of the lead roles and that's a big deal, especially for a new artist like me and it was fun, because I met new friends, directors and many more that gave me new experiences in the form of acting.

Three things we dont know about you.

I didn't want to learn how to play guitar at first, but I wanted to write my own composition so my mom urged me to play at least some instrument,in order for me to be able to write a song , and now I hope I can also play a piano , organ and many more.

In my school days my mom always tied my hair in different styles so my schoolmates and teachers always waited for me, so that they could see my new hair style and tease me that I'm the school's Miss universe.

When I was young I always wanted to wear heels or have them because I find it elegant if a woman wears heels, but they don't allow me to wear heels , since I'm still young and they say that there is no need because I'm already tall.

What would be one good theme song for your life? Why?

It will be "WINGS" by Little Mix cause the chorus says

Mama told me not to waste my life,
She said spread your wings my little butterfly
Don't let what they say keep you up at night
And they can't detain you
'Cause wings are made to fly
And we don't let nobody bring us down
No matter what you say it won't hurt me
Don't matter if I fall from the sky
These wings are made to fly.

and that's perfect for my story.



As Garfield Manzano -  was known as one of the most "infamous and feared crime boss". Described as charismatic, he was notorious for his underground sex parties which he had ambitions to turn it into a huge business empire. With an insatiable appetite and ambition for money and power, he had made himself well trained in hand combat skills and weapons thus making him a unique ruthless gangster. His major rings of operations include-prostitution, human trafficking and narcotics distribution.

HAPPY BIKRAM MALLA - as Garfield Manzano


Isle Du Diable is the most anticipated project of your life as you say it often? What is your state of mind?

As always, I find myself floating and doing things that I have to do. Many problems in the world due to this pandemic. Same here too but focus on my dream has made me take it as a long preparation holiday, I'm working on myself for our future projects, so my days are too planned-get up, read, train, exercise, keep in touch with my mentors and brothers and friends, watch movies. But spiritually and mentally, I'm ultimately at ease. Peaceful. Reason: I'm a pure believer in Jesus Christ and guardian angels in Christ.

Garfield Manzano 

It's been a year ago, I was invited by Director Carmelo Soberano for the casting call. I boarded my flight. I had two tickets as I had a transit. My first ticket had no. 11 seat and after transit, also I had no.11 seat to my destination. This thing had given me some angelic signal already but when I landed at my destination, the airport big digital clock had striked 11:11.Then I got strong chills and a genuine affirmation from Guardian angels that I am here to meet the special guy who gonna change my life forever---- the man with whose support I would fulfill my global movie star dream, my ultimate Hollywood dream. And it happened. Director Carmelo chose me as his talent from hundreds of hopefuls who came for the casting call. And,he promised me that he had chosen me as his special one and would mentor me and cast me in every movies he directs in his life thereafter. Since then it's a strong mentor-disciple relationship with him. I got to know a lot of industry people through him.I got to know the super-creative graphic novelist and screenwriter Gawain "Black Bart" Bartholomew. And I have a great friendship with him too. So, I got a Godfather in Director Carmelo , I got a Bestfriend in Writer Black Bart. I have a great future ahead. So,I'm hopeful and happy. Isle Du Diable is a brilliant script that already has a cult following in underground circle in USA. So, playing the lead antagonist, I'm fully convinced it's a breakout role of my career. The perfect words to describe my state of mind would be: Peace of mind.

You are playing an outright negative character on your debut? Are not you scared?

Humbly saying that I’m stylish actor but then I’m not a method actor. It may sound too arrogant especially for a debutant but Its the clarity of mind that ---- I’m Happy Bikram Malla first and then the character I play.

The way I look, my facial features, my physical attributes and my mannerisms are best suited for playing villain, and anti hero, and tough action guy, or hardman. Machiavellian.Absolute Badass. So, I'm at peace of mind I got a role that perfectly suits me.I'm not saying I can't play other roles.I'm a trained actor. I am here to be a commercial leading man; not an arthouse performer. I would more than happily climb up the ladder as a 'typecast badass'. In Jesus.Amen.

I’m like a circus monkey who will jump,make expressions, play bicycle or mobike, hang on wires, wear clothes, be naked, just do anything to entertain. It just has to be of commercial value. I speak a lot.Pardon me, please.

What keeps you motivated? Or how do you keep yourself motivated? 

My ultimate dreams And of course, my Guardian angels. I frequently talk to my closed circle who have similar dream like mine and pushes me and inspires me. I get motivated that way. 4 Three fitness tips, please. Ans: - Move 30 mins at least everyday. Helps heart and lungs. - Drink lot of water everyday. Helps kidneys. - Meditate everyday. Take ten-fifteen minutes to just think of nothing but pure blank or let it be just you and nature.Helps mind. So,all the vital systems covered.

Which real life actor or personality in acting you relate to the most? 

Vin Diesel.His journey upto Hollywood. His struggle. His conviction. His life changing event. That his "Multifacial" a fifteen minute something short movie changed his life forever. And now that he is the symbol of multicultural star. I see myself in his journey. I'm in similar route.Hopeful I become one like him someday. I'm yet to do my Hollywood debut. Almost there.That's my utter conviction.