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GEORGE VAIL KABRISTANTE heads the scientific research team of Agro Veggie Products for Herbal & Natural Healing, a Philippine-based company owned by Dr. Sevillo B. Tamayo who was recently nominated to the Guinness World Records for his breakthrough discoveries of cure-all herbal medicines that neutralize and remove the fatal toxins and acids in the human body as shown in his innovative formulations of alkaline that neutralizes and even makes the most poisonous muriatic acid potable. This includes breakthrough formulations for balding or hair loss. KABRISTANTE has been anthologized in Routledge Publication,Paris and for his research on Filipino women migrants in Italy. As multi-media artist, he is also a freelance Director for Film, TV and Theater and currently the Chairman of the Phil. Motion Pictures Directors Assoc. (PMPDA) under the Film Academy of the Phil. (FAP). He is also a member of the Phil. Centre for International Theater Institute (a professional organization of theater pedagogues and practitioners throughout the world under the umbrella of UNESCO), National Press Club, Inc.(NPC), Writers Bloc of active playwrights, Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC), and the Artistic Director of Balintataw Film & Theater Arts. As a practising journalist, KABRISTANTE writes regularly a column in Manila Times broadsheet, Pilipino Mirror and Remate, and a blogger/vlogger for and also teaches Journalism subjects at Manila Times College, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. OVERVIEW OF THE BOOK COPING WITH BALDNESS OR HAIR LOSS: BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERIES IN THE 21st CENTURY If your hair is thinning, losing and your once full head of thick hair is virtually giving way (ouch!), this book borne out of some personal commitment, creativity and advocacy is for your keen perusal and handy reference as you go through your own personal journey in coming tov grips with hair loss vis-a-vis bringing emotional health back. This is written with no vested agenda in mind, but to share with you some best kept secrets about hair loss studies that are not normally accessible to the general run of the reading public, especially those who are all too preoccupied and are always on the go with life 24/7. Or those who don’t have much time either to dote on the bulky hard-to-digest scientific books in the field or those finding difficult time to surf the internet or are simply not too conveniently techie or information savvy. This is your watered-down compendium and easily understandable reading, albeit substantiated with credible and validated studies in the field from the remote past to the present time. If your concern is simply for others like your friends and loved ones who are psychologically encountering and suffering from some kind of hairloss problems and other forms of scalp issues, this book moreover is aimed at giving them as well a more realistic way of managing their own particular condition and in helping them face-off with courage and confidence the emotionally shattering position that they find themselves in. This includes affording you and others the opportunity to look into the recent researches, trailblazing studies, and breakthrough findings in managing and treating all sorts of hair loss and balding (these two terms are interchangeable) issues, and in handling more often than not body shaming that accompanies the condition. Designed more than a one- stop kind of how-to- book on all kinds of hair loss problems, this project also has its long-term goal to contribute to the growing body of scientific knowledge and researches in-progress being accumulated on hand. It also aims to find out the endless search for the proverbial missing link into the primeval root cause or causes of hair thinning among women and much more so with the alarming balding condition experienced by not a few men all over the world. It also answers to question why men are prone to baldness than women? In so doing, it is able to cross-validate the result, progress, and development of the scientific studies and researches from all over the Western scientific community with their counterparts from the Eastern side of the globe including the Asian countries. Let me reiterate that the methodology and discipline involved in coming out with this book project is scientifically integrative in nature, putting to good use the process of collating and threshing out as well the most recent and relevant findings of studies so far done in the direction. To a large extent, this book is holistic in nature which incorporates the present collective, enlightening knowledge and philosophy of the New Age to postmodernism and the way the global village is negotiated through developing confidence and self-esteem among hair loss sufferers throughout the world. It attempts to connect in a scientific and scholarly manner the wisdom and knowledge accumulated from several investigations and findings of the medical profession that deals with the problematic hair conditions of peoples throughout the world. It thus brings to the fore the collective findings and discoveries from the scientific community of both the Western amd Eastern part of the world. This, with one objective in mind to help show in more scientific and humane ways and means to alleviate, if not face head-on the age-old problems of scalp irritations and all sorts of hair loss issues faced by peoples all over the eroding planet Earth of the 21st Century. Price: $5.00 (PHP 200.00) Downloadable only on a PDF copy, 92 pages. (All Rights Reserved, 2019) E-mail your order to: george_ and go to: and type in the amount. Upon receipt of your remittance (payment), you will get your PDF copy of the book within 24 hours through your e-mail address. TABLE OF CONTENTS CHAPTER 1 INRODUCTION A PRIMER ON HANDLING AND THREATMENT OF BALDNESS OR HAIR LOSS (2) CHAPTER 2 DEMOGRAPHY PREVALENCE OF HAIR LOSS AMONG MEN,WOMEN & CHILDREN (6) CHAPTER 3 THE ANIMAL KINGDOM BALDNESS OR HAIR LOSS AMONG ANIMALS & MAMMALS (12) CHAPTER 4 EVOLUTION HOW HUMANS EVOLVE INTO A HAIRLESS MODERN-DAY APE (18) CHAPTER 5 IN THE GENES RECENT GENETIC STUDIES ON HAIR LOSS AND SWEATING (22) CHAPTER 6 POSITIVITY OUTLOOK MOST PROMISING RESEARCHES ON BALDNESS(25) CHAPTER 7 TREATMENT APPROACHES TYPES OF TREATMENT FOR BALDNESS (35) CHAPTER 8 IN HINDSIGHT BALD MEN & WOMEN IN THE PAST TO MODERN TIMES (51) CHAPTER 9 DIAGNOSTIC TESTS EXTENT OF HAIR LOSS (72) CHAPTER 10 BODY SHAMING AMONG BALD PERSONS (75) CHAPTER 11 CONCLUSION FACING UP TO BALDNESS WITH CONFIDENCE (92) END NOTES



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Management of balding and hair loss.

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