TURISMO FILIPINA Productions is a pool of creative and technical professionals from different fields of expertise (Film, TV, Radio, Print) with more than a decade of experience in information dissemination, events and strategic alliances. Strengthened with an objective to perform as an effective conduit between the government and citizenry, TURISMO FILIPINA Productions was conceived to rally its extensive info-sources, private institutions and mobilization groups to float an idea of a new media that deserves the people’s attention. Being decision-makers and movers in private (film and corporate) and public (government, mass mobilization) initiatives, TURISMO FILIPINA has hatched a positively-charged program that is ensured to create ripples in people’s consciousness, ideas and perceptions. In the process, we are confident to create more than just a plethora of buzzwords - by subtly inculcating transformative ideas and images to affect people’s hopes and aspirations.


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